***CANCELLED – NO SNOW*** Friday, March 3  |  4 PM – 10 PM ***CANCELLED – NO SNOW***

***CANCELLED – NO SNOW***Brantling Ski and Snowboard Center | Triton Trailers | SHCRA Hill Race



 Sunday, March 5  |  10:30 AM – 7 PM

Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun ParkSHCRA Flat Drag And Hill Race

Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun Park, ProLine Performance and SHCRA FLAT DRAG & HILL RACE


Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun Park
99 Holiday Mountain Rd, Monticello, New York 12701

2 Events! Run 1 Or Both!!

Trail classes for everybody plus pro.

Flat drag sign up 12-1:45 test 1:00 race 2:00 optional (2) test runs $10 vintage &120 $20, trail $25,pro $30 (1) $5 insurance fee admission racers and spectators $15, 6-12 $5 includes both events. Hill event sign up 4 to 5 test 5, race 5:30 same price as Flat drags.

PRICES for both events only (1) insurance fee not 2 $5 youth and vintage $35, trail $45, Pro $55 a $10 savings.

NO jackstanding or pit riding. www.shcra.com or Rich’s cell 315-277-1566


Sunday, March 11  |  3 PM – 10 PM

Tussey Mountain | V-Force Reeds | SHCRA Hill Race

Tussey Mountain, V- Force Reeds, SHCRA Snowmobile Hill Climb Race

Tussey Mountain Ski Area
341 Bear Meadows Rd, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania 16827


Classes for all Trail Sleds, includes: 120’s, Youth, Ladies and Vintage, plus Pro Classes.

Admission Fee – Racers & Spectators: $15, Ages 8-12: $5
Entry Fees – 120 & Vintage: $20, Trail: $25, Pro: $30, (2) Test Runs for: $10.
5 mph with helmet on from trailer to staging. Tether not needed on stock sleds, required on mods. Free grudge racing at intermission.


Friday, March 24  |  9 AM – 4 PM

See Below For ALL Further (Hill Climb Races) Weekend Events

ALL Further Weekend Events Start Friday, March 24 at 4 PM through Sunday, March 26 at 7 PM

Treetops Resort | Stud Boy | SHCRA XC (Cross Country) Race

Treetops Resort, Studboy, SHCRA X-Country Race

Treetops Resort
3962 Wilkinson Rd, Gaylord, Michigan 49735


SHCRA, Classes for Youth, Trail, Vintage & Pro. YOU can race!

X-C (Cross Country) Race for Trail Sleds and Sno-X Sleds, Studded and Unstudded Classes, Amature and Pro.

(2) 30 minute races. Sign up is from 7:30AM to 9AM, races are from 9AM to 3PM. Hill Drag testing 3:15PM to 6PM.

Admission: Racers and Spectators: $15, 6-12 $5 Entry fee: $40 and Insurance: $5
This will be a rideable, no big jumps, windy, cross country course that you can compete on with a trail sled.

The (2) 30 minute races are more fun than 1 hour as you do not have to be in the shape of a pro and we usually reverse the course for the second race so a new track and challenge.

Rich Daly’s cell 315-277-1566 and check www.shcra.com for classes.

We hope you join us for the weekend as we will have 4 wide hill drags also Saturday and Sunday (see below). The Resort has great room rates and food.

pagebreakSunday, March 24-26  |  10 AM – 4 PM
All events start Friday, March 24 at 9 AM (with our Cross-Country Race) through Sunday, March 26 at 7 PM

Treetops Resort | Powerseal | SHCRA Hill Race

Treetops Resort, Powerseal, SHCRA, Hill Climb RacesTreetops Resort, Powerseal, SHCRA, Hill Climb Races

Treetops Resort
3962 Wilkinson Rd, Gaylord, Michigan 49735


Each day is a separate event, Friday night is hill racing testing 3:30PM to 6PM.
NO hill racing, BUT we do have a XC (Cross-Country) Race Friday morning, from 9AM til 3PM.

Saturday and Sunday testing starts at 8AM to 11:30AM and we race at Noon.

Trail friendly classes for everybody includes youth, 120’s, ladies, vintage and (4) unstudded classes.

Pro money classes from Stock to the Wild Turbo Show.

Racer and spectator admission: $15, 6-12 $5 Race entry 120, youth & vintage: $20, Trail: $25, Pro: $30 and only (1) insurance fee: $5 (not each class).

Rules and classes on www.shcra.com, any questions Rich Daly’s cell 315-277-1566

The SHCRA crew hopes you can join us for a fun weekend — several of our east coast racers travel to Treetops Resort each year — great room rates and food. We run a fast show, so, we should be done racing each evening by 4 or 5, and always a good time bench racing while eating at the pub and then swimming .

Call Treetops for discounted room rates 855-516-1090

***Remember each day is a new event hope you can make the whole weekend if not join us for 1 day of racing.***


Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association (SHCRA) Welcomes You…

Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association Main Post ImageSnowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association (SHCRA) was started in 2009 by Rich Daly, racer and owner of Dyno Port, to bring grass roots racing back to exciting pro snowmobile racing.

Tim Bender, Yamaha’s top oval racer, and Mike Ingles, one of the leading Ski-Doo dealers, round out the board of directors and helped Rich shape the rules. Rules were based on closer competition by having sled classes that factored horsepower rather than size. Pro racers were not allowed in the trophy classes and top trophy racers are promoted to Pro.

Running the show 2 to 3 x’s faster than traditional events brings racers and spectators back. 200 racers and 400 entries can be run in 4 hours. The formula has been a great success with over 30 events a year and upwards of 1000 new trail, trophy racers. The quick show is also key to obtaining events at  ski resorts. We hope you can join us and race. We welcome first time racers along with vintage and our top pros.

Keep an eye on this page for the latest news, updates and more on SHCRA – Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association.


Tree tops snowmobile racing wheelie

Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association Ski Doo