Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association (SHCRA) Welcomes You…

June 14, 2016


Snowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association Main Post ImageSnowmobile Hill Climb Racing Association (SHCRA) was started by Rich Daly, racer and owner of Dyno Port, in 2009 to bring grass roots racing back to exciting pro snowmobile racing. Tim Bender, Yamaha’s top oval racer, and Mike Ingles, one of the leading Ski-Doo dealers, round out the board of directors and helped Rich shape the rules. Rules were based on closer competition by having sled classes that factored horsepower rather than size. Pro racers were not allowed in the trophy classes and top trophy racers are promoted to Pro. Running the show 2 to 3 x’s faster than traditional events brings racers and spectators back. 200 racers and 400 entries can be run in 4 hours. The formula has been a great success with over 30 events a year and upwards of 1000 new trail, trophy racers. The quick show is also key to obtaining events at  ski resorts. We hope you can join us and race. We welcome first time racers along with vintage and our top pros.

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